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    Spend 15 min & make specifications document for your web project in Spexfy.

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    Give specifications to web developers. Developers can easily plan deadlines for every project stage and budget your project.

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    Control web development process with your specs document. Verify project fulfillment with your functional requirements document.

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Types of specifications:
  • Web projects

    Specifications for websites, corporate websites, landing pages, online stores, e-commerce marketplaces.

  • Mobile apps

    Specs for different types of mobile apps. Functional and non-functional requirements for mobile applications.

  • Content

    Specs for content. Requirements for copywriting, text content for websites. Text specifications.

  • SEO

    SEO project requirements document. SEO specs for website promotion. Search Engine Optimization plan.

  • PPC Campaign

    Specifications and requirements for Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads. Create PPC text specs for project stakeholders.