About Spexfy

Right web projects start from the right specifications!


Professional web developers and their customers have to make "Zero step" for successful relationships and success of web projects. "Zero step" for the web development process is the development of the product requirements document. It's also named web project specifications, specs for the website or mobile app, User Stories for IT service. "Zero step" is the primary stage not only for web development. Specifications are necessary for any kind of project.


Specifications for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content requirements are other types of projects. All these kinds of specs are components of successful IT products!


You can avoid any contradictions between developers, project managers, product manager and stakeholders of the web project.


Our specs help to reach Customer Success of stakeholders and strengthen long-term business relationships!


Spexfy is the first automatic service for the creation of text specifications. We help to make specs for web projects, mobile apps, SEO tasks, content of IT services.


Spend 15 minutes and create a professional specification document. Spexfy offers to fill all the checkpoints of your project and specify all details of your project. You can make your comments and notes to specify project details. All your requirements will be added to the final specifications document.


How does it work?


  • Simply choose the needed structure, features, and details from the Spexfy checkpoint list.
  • You can comment and make notes to every checkpoint to specify all aspects of the project.
  • You can choose all the additional services and plugins for your project.
  • Use the final specifications document as a part of the agreement with project stakeholders.
  • Comment and commit development progress in the final specification document.
  • Edit and manage specs by team and stakeholders.
  • Launch professional project into life!
  • Continue to support and upgrade projects for long-term Customer Success Stories!


You can choose a free tariff to start and make one free specification every month. Spexfy is a privacy-friendly service and does not sell any data. Your data is secure.


Spexfy your requirements for success!