About Spexfy

The right digital project starts from the right specifications!


Spexfy is the best service to create project specifications documents.


The key values of Spexfy:


  • Avoid up to 80% loss of time and money for project remaking, misunderstanding points with customers. You get detailed specs in Spexfy.
  • Reduce up to 90% time spending to create specifications documents for customers or potential leads. It takes a few minutes to create specifications in Spexfy.
  • Increase your sales up to 20% via speed of sales. You can offer a more quick offer to your customer (Get estimated Spexfy project document in minutes and offer it to our potential customer).


Our key advantages also are quick creation of specifications document, forever free tariff for freelancers, the best collaboration option in text document, avoid contradiction between developers, project managers, product manager and stakeholders of the project, fair pricing, easy onboarding in Spexfy.


Every digital project starts from different kinds of text specifications and requirements. It depends on methodologies that you are using in planning, fulfillment and control of the software development process. You can create a wide range of text specifications of projects in our service. Spexfy is the most convenient way to create project specifications, product requirements document (PRD), functional specification document (FSD), functional requirements document (FRD), business requirements document (BRD), project plan, marketing requirements document (MRD), software requirements specification (SRS), business requirement specification (BRS), requirements document (RD).


Create specs documents for different IT tasks. You can get requirements specification for web development (landing page, company website, online store), mobile app development, SEO promotion campaign, PPC campaigns, content management tasks.


Spexfy is a suitable tool for different methodologies and approaches in the development process. Easy to use in Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Rapid Application Development Methodology, Spiral approaches to perform the tasks.


You can create specs documents and collaborate with team and stakeholders. You can share, comment, chat in one specifications document during the project progress. You can also export project requirements documents to Word, PDF formats.


Basic user cases (how customers can use Spexfy):


  • Increase sales of your company. You can create an estimated project document in Spexfy in 15 minutes! Offer your qualified leads estimated specifications, costs of future projects. It takes only a few hours to close the deal!
  • Start a new project. IT companies or digital agencies start with new projects for new customers. Business analysts, project managers can quickly offer specifications of projects for customer approval. Development team can collaborate with customers (edit, comment project specs document) during all project time. The IT company easily controls completed tasks, payments, and loads of team members.
  • Regulate your relationships with customers. Specify your tasks, responsibilities and terms for projects. Avoid any contradiction in projects via detailed project requirements document. Strengthen long-term business relationships via professional approach to projects.
  • Use requirements documents as an appendix to your agreement. Export your project specifications from Spexfy and detail your responsibilities in agreement with the client.


Our customers are different players in the IT world. We have options for large corporations and companies. We can offer options for SME digital agencies, web studios, small development teams. And we have forever free tariff for one-time usage or not regular usage for freelancers.


Spexfy is the simplest way to make requirements to projects!